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Artwork guide for stand up pouches, flat pouches and rollstock film inside for more information. KanzoPack provide high quality printing service.
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KanzoPack strives to uphold exceptional quality standards in both its manufacturing and printing processes. Utilizing the advanced Rotogravure printing technique, we provide our clients with a selection of up to 8 vibrant colors, inclusive of white and matte finishes.

To guarantee the highest quality print for your flexible packaging bags and rollstock films, please adhere to the recommendations in this comprehensive artwork guide.


Software & Format Requirements:

  • Adobe Illustrator (Recommended) or Photoshop: Use AI or EPS formats, and convert all text and fonts to outlines.
  • Corel Draw: Export files as AI, and ensure that all text and fonts are converted to curves.
  • Link and attach all Photoshop image files, avoiding the flattening of layers or directory alterations.
  • Ensure a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for photographic image files.
  • Refrain from scanning pre-printed images.
  • Save images in high resolution, using the CMYK color mode instead of RGB mode.

Font Guidelines:

  • Develop artwork fonts using outlines, curves, or paths.
  • Create all fonts in Illustrator, converting them to vector files to prevent unwanted font substitution.
  • Incorporate all screen and printer fonts (Suitcase and Postscript fonts).
  • Diligently verify spelling, content, and layout accuracy.

Barcode Essentials:

  • Maintain a minimum scale of 100% or larger for all barcodes (UPC codes).
  • Select contrasting background and bar colors to facilitate seamless scanning.

Artwork File Submission Process:

  • Compress (zip) files prior to submission to avert file corruption.
  • Utilize the following media for artwork file submissions:
    • E-mail
    • FTP (please contact us for FTP server submission details)
  • Accompany all files with a hard copy proof or low-resolution PDF for reference purposes.

Our skilled graphic design team is available for artwork or graphic design requirements at an additional fee.

For further inquiries or additional information regarding the artwork guide for stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and rollstock films, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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