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KanzoPack offers spout pouch for beverages packaging bag and other liquid packaging to the beverage and food & non-food industries.
Beverages Packaging Bag

Liquid & Beverages Packaging Bag

With a wide variety of spouts, including temper-evident, flip-top, non-drip, screw cap, KanzoPack offers spout pouch for Beverages Packaging Bag and other liquid packaging to the beverage and food & non-food industries. These spouts make beverage products simple to drink, simple to pour, simple to clean, and simple to use environmentally.

We create portable beverage pouches or bags that are easier to recycle and help brands stand out from more traditional polyethylene terephthalate (PET), glass, or aluminium can packaging.

Our spout pouches for beverage packaging and other liquid packaging may be customized in a wide range of forms, sizes, and designs, as well as with unique add-on features like various kinds of spouts and other characteristics.

Custom Spout Pouches Accessories

We provide a variety of customized components for your packaging to meet your needs, including zippers, spouts, handles, coffee bag valve, etc.

Our technicians are experts at designing spouted stand up pouches in various designs. We can customize:

  • Raw materials
  • Spout and Handle Types (normal, anti-choke, plastic, die-cutting..)
  • Spout Colors
  • Bag Shape
  • Spout Size (8.55mm to 33mm in diameter)
  • Logo and Printing
  • Clear Window
  • Accessories such as zippers, nozzles, mouth valves, breathable valves, handles, punching, easy tearing, etc.
  • And much more!
Pouch Spout-Accessories
Pouch Spout-Accessories

Other Features and Options

Custom Pouch Accessories
Custom Pouch Accessories

Commen Structures

Please don’t worry about not knowing the laminated structure, we will choose the suitable laminated structure for your product.
Laminated Film Structure
Laminated Film Structure
Spout Pouch

Customize & In-stock Beverages Packaging Bag

KanzoPack is a manufacturer and supplier of Spout Pouch and Bag In Box. We can supply you with the packaging bags for Beverages that you want, and we also offer customization choices based on your needs.

Additionally, you can check our easy customize process to know how we work.

Please get in touch with us at for any details and questions.

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