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As a professional coffee bag packaging manufacturer, Kanzopack's advanced production technology and extensive industry experience to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly, and reliable packaging products worldwide.
Custom Printing Coffee Bags
Custom Printing Coffee Bags - KanzoPack

Professional Coffee Bag Manufacturer

Kanzopack is a professional coffee bag manufacturer dedicated to supplying the best coffee bag solutions for our customers. With years of industry experience, our innovative and reliable packaging pouches are a reflection of of our commitment of keeping up with the specific needs of both coffee roasters and factory.

We are not only offer excellent product quality, but also provide a wide range of customization options. Whether it is printing your brand name and logo on the coffee bags, or choosing the size and accessories that suit your product best, we will work with packaging experts to ensure your requirements are met and provide the best solution for you.

Create Your Own Design Coffee Bags

Looking for a way to get your own design printed coffee bag? Custom printed coffee bags are a great marketing tool as well as a practical packaging solution for it keeps your coffee fresh and flavorful.

What Is a Custom Printed Coffee Bag?

A custom printed coffee bag is a coffee bag with your logo, design or message on it. You can choose from different types of coffee bags such as gusseted bags, stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches and more. You can also custom them from different sizes, volume, colors, materials and features such as degassing valves, resealable zippers, tear notches and more.

kraft paper stand up coffee pouch

How to Create Custom Printed Coffee Bags?

Creating your own custom printed coffee bags is simpler than you might think. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Choose the type, size, color and material you would like for your coffee bag. You can also choose from eco-friendly options such as compostable or biodegradable materials. Deciding upon which printing technology to utilize as per the quantity of the bags and designs.

2. Send us your artwork or design after contacting us. You can also request a free sample from KanzoPack or a hard proof before you place your order. (Artwork Guidence)

3. Wait for your custom printed coffee bags to arrive at your door and rock your awesome new packaging!

Choose Your Coffee Bag’s Types

There are many types of coffee bags to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are three of the most common types of coffee bags:

Gusset Pouch for Coffee Bean

Gusset Pouch

Gusseted bags are coffee containers with expandable side gussets, making them practical, economical, and simple to store as well as transport. However, they cannot stand on their own on store shelves and might require additional features like resealable zippers or degassing valves to preserve freshness and add convenience. These types of bags are commonly utilized for large-scale distribution and storage of coffee beans, with custom orders for end consumers being relatively rare. KanzoPack typically recommends opting for flat bottom pouches for custom packaging projects, as they provide a greater area for showcasing your design.

Flexible Packaging Bag - Side Gusset Pouch

Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat bottom pouches feature a consistent base with four side gussets(side gusset bag), resulting in a box-like structure. These pouches are aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and offer ample space. They can accommodate a larger quantity of coffee and provide extensive options for printing and branding compared to other bag types. Accessories such as resealable zippers and degassing valves can be incorporated, making them suitable for both coffee beans and ground coffee. Work with consumer-friendly, although the cost for digital printing tends to be marginally higher.

Stand Up Pouch for Coffee Bean

Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches represent a contemporary design in coffee packaging, crafted with a bottom that supports an upright position on shelves. They are appealing, user-friendly, and ideal for display purposes. The surface area of these pouches is generously sized for product printing and branding. When it comes to packaging coffee beans, the capacity of stand up pouches is smaller than that of flat bottom pouches for the same dimensions, meaning a larger volume is needed for the same amount of contents. Nonetheless, they tend to be more cost-effective due to using fewer laminations and less film material.

What are the Customize Options available for Coffee Bags?

Printing Option

There are two main printing options available in KanzoPack for custom coffee bags: digital printing and gravure printing.

Digital printing is a fast and flexible printing method that uses a digital printer to transfer your design directly onto the coffee bag. Digital printing is ideal for small to medium orders, multiple designs, and short turnaround times.

Gravure printing is a high-quality and durable printing method that uses a metal plate to engrave your design onto the coffee bag. Gravure printing is ideal for large orders, single designs, and long shelf life.

Accessories Option


Tear Notch




Coffee Valve

Typical Materials for Coffee Bag Construction

Laminated Film Structure

Matte or Glossy - OPP/VMPET/PE: ~12–14 microns

Matte PET/VMPET/PE: ~12 microns

Matte Ink PET/PET/AL/PE: ~13 microns

Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE: ~16 microns

MOPP/Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE: ~15 microns

Kraft Paper/VMPLA/PLA: ~14 microns (Biodegradable)

PLA/VMPLA/PLA: ~10 microns (Biodegradable)

MOPP/VMBOPP/CPP: ~11 microns (Recyclable)

Common Coffee Bag Sizes and Specifications

Note: 1 OZ ≈ 28.35g

Bag Type Weight Size (Width x Height + Bottom Gusset)
Flat Bottom Pouch 250g W110H190+240mm
500g W125H250+245mm
1000g W145H340+245mm
Gusset Bag 250g W80H280+225mm
500g W105H340+233mm
1000g W130H420+238mm
2500g W170H500+255mm
Stand Up Pouch 28g W80H130+225mm
70g W110H170+230mm
100g W120H200+235mm
150g W130H210+240mm
250g W160H230+245mm
500g W190H275+250mm
Coffee Bag different color and sizes

Coffee Bag Gallery

What is the MOQ of Printed Coffee Bag?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) of printed coffee bags varies depending on the quantity, sizes, and also the number of designs.

For digital printing, the MOQ is usually lower, ranging from 500 to 1000 bags per design.

For gravure printing, the MOQ is usually higher, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 bags per design. KanzoPack offers flexible custom solutions depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Check our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for reference.

Kanzo Pack Also Offers Instock Coffee Bag

Kanzo Pack offers instock coffee bags that are ready for immediate use, ensuring your products are protected from dust, air, and moisture. These Flat Bottom Pouches feature rapid heat sealing and are built to resist pressure, safeguarding against leaks and spoilage, even from drops. Ideal for food items, they also provide an excellent canvas for our vibrant printing technology. Although these bags are readily available, we still accommodate light customization, such as silk screening and labels. Should you require this service, please click the button below to contact us.

Instock Flat Bottom Pouch

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