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Custom Printed Roll Stock
Rollstock Printing

KanzoPack high-quality roll stock films and photo-quality printing technology ensure that your custom printed packaging film perfect for all of your product. KanzoPack offers factory prices and global shipping, our expert will contact you within 12 hours after you reach out to us.
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Custom Printed Roll Stock

Custom Printing | Roll Stock with Durable, User-Friendly, Low Price

At KanzoPack, we offer global flexible packaging solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of your industry. Our Custom Printed Roll Stock is designed to provide your products with the protection, convenience, and brand distinction they deserve.

As a flexible packaging manufacturer certified by BRC, BSCI, and ISO9001, we uphold the highest quality standards for our innovative rollstock products.

KanzoPack rollstock can be utilized across various industries. It serves as an effective barrier, maintaining freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional value or chemical potency. Suitable for a wide range of products such as dry foods, snacks, coffee, tea, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic lotion, and industrial components, etc

KanzoPack printed and laminated rollstock can be used with Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machinery that forms the package, fills it with your product, and seals the bag or pouch closed.

Rollstock Cutting

Gravure Printing Plates and Cylinders

Gravure printing is a high-quality printing process used in flexible packaging film production. The cost of plates and cylinders can be significant, but they are essential for achieving the desired print quality. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Color-Specific Plates: Each color in your design requires a separate plate. This means a design with multiple colors will need multiple plates, contributing to the overall cost.
  • Printer Compatibility: Different printers require different sizes of plates. Larger printers that produce higher quality prints typically require larger, and therefore more expensive, plates.
  • Quality and Cost Correlation: Generally, a larger machine capable of higher print quality will result in higher plate costs. This is due to the increased material and precision required for these plates.
  • Cost Variability: The cost of plates can vary greatly, ranging from $50 to $250 per color. This variance is influenced by the size of the printer and the complexity of the design.
  • Quality Across Sizes: Even smaller printers can achieve an acceptable level of quality, which may be a cost-effective solution for some projects.

For detailed inquiries about gravure printing plates and cylinders and how they can impact your project, reach out to the experts at KanzoPack.

How to customize roll stock?

Product & Volume Assessment

Let us know the product type and volume you intend to pack. This information helps us determine the most suitable material for your needs.

Die-Line Submission

We provide a die-line/drawing; simply fill it out with your specifications and send it back to us for precision crafting.

Artwork Preparation

Prepare your artwork in advance, or opt for our design team to create a unique look that resonates with your brand.

Material Confirmation

Confirm your choice of material or request a sample film roll from us to ensure it meets your expectations.

Approval & Confirmation

Finalize your choices by approving the material, artwork, and pricing with us before we move forward with production.

Once all the details are confirmed, we swiftly proceed to production, promising a short delivery timeline of just 10 days. For international shipping, please allow an additional 5-6 weeks for freight by sea.

Kenzo Pack Facility
KanzoPack Printing Machine
Flexible Packaging Bag Roll Stock Stand Up Pouch Kanzopack

Roll Stock Film Treatment

Flexible packaging roll stock offers a variety of surface treatments and printing options that can elevate your product’s appearance and functionality. Here’s a concise overview of the possibilities at KanzoPack:

  • Spot Glossy: Achieve a dynamic contrast with selective glossy highlights on a matte background, adding visual interest and emphasizing key areas of your design.
  • Embossed Print: Create a tactile experience with raised elements on the film, providing a premium look and feel.
  • Hot Stamping: Incorporate metallic accents with custom colors like gold, silver, or bronze for a luxurious finish.
  • Soft Touch: Give your packaging a velvety texture that invites touch, reminiscent of soft baby skin or flannel.
  • Sand Touch: Add a gritty texture to your film, similar to sandpaper, for a unique sensory effect.
  • Anti-counterfeiting Printing: Protect your brand with covert features that can only be revealed with specific detection equipment.
  • Thermal Printing: Engage consumers with colors that change with temperature fluctuations, perfect for indicating product readiness or freshness.
  • Luminous Printing: Ensure your product stands out in low-light conditions with prints that glow in the dark.

So it has a lot of options and printing ways compared to the ordinary job on roll stock film. Want to know more? Send us an inquiry or request a sample to find out.

Roll stock Detail

Printing Method Digital Printing / Gravure Printing

Two layer: NY/PE, PET/PE, etc.


Four Layer: PET/AL/NY/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE, etc.

Size As request
Thickness 30-200 microns or as customer's requirement
Packing High quality paper core + PE bag + Plastic Plug + carton + packing belt + wooden or plastic pallet
  1. Highly versatile, automatic packing for candy, snack, sauces, etc.
  2. Excellent photo-finish printing quality
  3. Can incorporate laser scoring for easy tearing
  4. High standards of lamination ensuring packaging integrity
  5. Durable High Quality paper core
  6. Good performance on moisture proof, light proof, air barrier, and shock resistance
  7. Flexible size of roll against production on different equipment

MOQ for digital print is 1 kg, while for gravure print it starts at 300-500 kg.

Quick View Of KanzoPack

Watch our factory video and discover what our clients are saying!

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L******a from Unite State
L******a from Unite State
Roll Film
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The roll films are really great. I have ordered 3 times and perform great each times.
S******y from Unite State
S******y from Unite State
In-stock Coffee Bag
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The coffee bag looks so perfect. We make the black one and the label sticker. We"ll reorder but with custom printing in the surface.
M******H from South Korea
M******H from South Korea
Mylar Bag
Read More
A good China manufacturing vendor, patiently explained the knowledge of packaging to me when customizing products, very professional service, such an excellent purchasing experience, we will continue to cooperate with them in the future.
Br******n from Phillppines
Br******n from Phillppines
Spout Pouch
Read More
Best spout pouch for cosmetic that I order in China, goooood job!

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If you are wondering about a quote, or want to ask us anything about our spout pouches or customization process, shoot us an email or click the contact form bottom below and you will get an reply within 24 hours.

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About KanzoPack

Introduction to KanzoPack

Located Chaozhou, China, KanzoPack is a premier manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, proudly holding certifications such as BRC, BSCI, and ISO9001. KanzoPack provide excellent doorstep pickup and global shipping services, along with inspection and after-sales support.

Our Product Range

At KanzoPack, we specialize in a diverse array of packaging options designed to meet the dynamic needs of various industries. Our main product offerings include:

  • Spout Pouches: Perfect for liquids and beverages, providing convenience and durability.
  • Stand Up Pouches: Ideal for showcasing products on shelves with their stable base and attractive presentation.
  • Rollstock Film: Versatile and cost-effective, suitable for a wide range of packaging machinery.
  • Mylar Bags: Offering excellent barrier properties to protect against moisture and oxygen.
  • Gusset Pouches & Side Gusset Pouches: Maximizing storage space while maintaining product freshness.
  • Sachets & Fin Seal Pouches: Compact and convenient, great for single servings or sample sizes.
About KanzoPack

Industries We Serve

KanzoPack caters to a broad spectrum of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Food & Beverage: Cheese, Coffee, Dairy, Dry Food, Freeze-Dried, Frozen Food, Herbs, Liquor, Meat, Organic Food, Pasta, Protein Powder, Retort, Rice, Spice, Tea.
  • Snacks & Confectionery: Snacks and Candy, Beef Jerky, Chips, Cookies, Dried Fruit, Gummies, Nuts, Popcorn.
  • Household & Personal Care: Laundry Detergent, Powdered Goods, Beauty and Personal Care, Bath Salt, Cosmetics, Facial Mask, Sea Moss, Soap.
  • Pet Care: A variety of packaging solutions for Pet Food & Treats.
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