5 benefits of Pantone color cards, you will know how to match colors for packaging bags after reading

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    The PANTONE Matching System (PMS) is a color communication system used in various fields including printing, textiles, plastics, graphics, and digital technology. It provides a unified and standardized way of describing colors using numeric language, and has become an international standard for color communication. It offers packaging and ink manufacturing companies quick and convenient color matching solutions and color standards.

    5 major benefits of using PANTONE color cards

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    1. Simple color expression and communication

    No matter where the customer is from, by specifying a PANTONE color code, we can easily find the corresponding color sample on the PANTONE color card and produce products according to the customer's color requirements.

    2. Ensuring consistent color reproduction in every print

    Whether it's multiple prints in the same printing factory or the same spot color printed in different factories, PANTONE color cards ensure consistent color reproduction without any variation.

    3. Wide range of choices

    With over 1,000 spot colors, designers have ample options to choose from. In fact, the colors they usually use only occupy a small part of the PANTONE color card.

    4. No need for the printing factory to color match

    This eliminates the trouble of color matching for the printing factory.

    5. Pure, pleasing, vibrant, and saturated hues

    All color samples in the PANTONE Matching System are printed by PANTONE's in-house facility at their headquarters in Carlstadt, New Jersey, USA. This ensures that PANTONE color samples distributed worldwide are consistent.

    The PANTONE Matching System is an essential tool in international trade. The PANTONE Formula Guide, PANTONE solid (coated and uncoated) color cards are the core components of the PANTONE color matching system.

    The main uses of PANTONE in the flexible packaging industry


    Color matching: Use PANTONE color cards to determine and confirm the printing colors, and ensure the consistency and accuracy of the colors.

    Color selection: Choose suitable colors and color numbers from PANTONE color cards, and provide color inspiration and reference for packaging design.

    Color mixing: According to the formula on the PANTONE color card, weigh different qualities of spot color inks and mix them, and make samples or scrape samples until the color meets the requirements.


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