How to Custom the Right Plastic Packaging Pouches?

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    Many customers often find themselves puzzled when choosing and customizing plastic packaging pouches. On one hand, they are not well informed about the materials used for these pouches, and on the other hand, they are unfamiliar with the different types of pouches and production processes. KanzoPack will share practical advice in this article, assisting you to get the right packaging for you.

    What are plastic packaging pouches made of?

    Plastic packaging pouches, also known as flexible packaging bags, are made from plastic materials and are widely used for packaging in daily production and life.
    Common plastic pouches are made from materials like PE, OPP, CPP, PET, PA, and AL—all of these films are suitable for products in industries such as food, coffee, electronics, cosmetics, and beverages.

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    Plastic Packaging Pouches

    How do I select and customize the right plastic packaging pouches?

    Selecting the right plastic packaging pouches might seem straightforward, but an ideal packaging requires careful consideration of certain aspects: printability, barrier properties, and heat sealing capabilities.

    Different products are suitable for different materials, and oftentimes, plastic packaging pouches are not made of one single material. To enhance performance, various materials are often combined to create composite packaging pouches.

    Common types include paper/plastic composite, plastic/plastic composite, and aluminum/plastic composite. These composites can vary in layers, from two up to five or more, and differ based on factors like their base material, thickness, layer sequence, and the method of composition, leading to a multitude of composite pouch types.

    To choose the right plastic packaging pouches, you need to think about:

    • Consider the product's size, shape, weight, moisture content, shelf life, and storage conditions. Different products need distinct levels of protection, transparency, and durability from the packaging material.
    • Pouch's design: Including shape, size, style, and closure, influences flexibility, strength, and sealability requirements.
    • Printing methods: Such as pouch type, color, and quality, dictate printability, compatibility, and resistance needs.
    • Environmental impact: Concerning recyclability, biodegradability, and sustainability, adhering to diverse eco-friendly standards.
    • Lastly, factor in cost, quantity, and delivery fee, aligning with budget and deadline considerations for affordability and reliability of the packaging material.
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    How to customize plastic packaging pouches?

    Creating custom plastic packaging pouches is a meticulous process. A good pouch needs to factor in production, packaging, transportation, and sales. When customizing, customers tend to prioritize cost, but given that each customer’s requirements for thickness, size, material, and print color can vary greatly, prices can differ as well. Therefore, the best approach is communication—have an open dialogue with your packaging manufacturer to ensure the functionality, visual appeal, size, and cost meet your needs.

    What Information to Provide to Packaging Manufacturers

    Embarking on the creation of custom plastic packaging pouches opens up an avenue for you to express the unique aspects of your product. To ensure that your packaging partners can craft the ideal pouches tailoring to your needs.

    These informations can help the manufacturers design and produce the best packaging solution for the product:

    • Product name, description, and category
    • Size, weight, and shape
    • Shelf life and storage conditions
    • Target market and distribution channels
    • Branding and marketing goals
    • Budget and quantity
    • Packaging preferences and expectations

    Armed with these informations, you'll be setting the stage for clear communication with your packaging producers. In return, we will offer tailored advice and propose the most fitting materials, pouch types, and design options to you.

    Little Advice From KanzoPack

    As a manufacturer with years of experience in producing packaging pouches and rollstock, Kanzopack pledge to use our industry knowledge to help you achieve your perfect flexible packaging solution.

    Whether you want to inquire or consult, or need free samples, you can contact us through message us. We will contact you within 12 hours to provide you with the most suitable Packaging Solution for you.

    Here is a map of packaging types and industry applications. I hope this blog will help you to get your perfect plastic packaging pouches.

    Appliactions of Plastic Packaging Pouches
    Appliactions of Plastic Packaging Pouches

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