KanzoPack Applauded in People’s Daily for Cross-Border E-commerce Success

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    People’s Daily interviewed KanzoPack

    Kaizheng Packaging Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (KanzoPack), recently featured in People’s Daily, celebrates its impressive achievements in expanding its cross-border e-commerce business. As part of Chaozhou’s strategy to enhance international trade, KanzoPack has significantly increased its foreign trade orders. The company’s business structure has evolved due to the rapid growth of its cross-border e-commerce segment.


    “In the past, the company’s business mainly relied on participating in various exhibitions and offline contacts by sales staff. After completing the customs cross-border e-commerce enterprise filing procedure last year, we received a large number of overseas orders online. Although ‘small and scattered,’ the total volume is considerable, and there is potential for further cooperation. After evaluation, we decided to proceed.” Chen Haisheng said that in 2023, the company’s total revenue reached 50 million yuan, with cross-border e-commerce business exceeding 10 million yuan.

    This milestone is a testament to KanzoPack’s dedication to leveraging new e-commerce channels and adapting to the dynamic global market. We are committed to continuing this momentum, striving for excellence, and expanding our global trade reach.

    KanzoPack specializes in producing a wide range of flexible packaging solutions including spout pouches, stand-up pouches, rollstock film, mylar bags, gusset pouches, side gusset pouches, sachets, and fin seal pouches. Our products cater to diverse industries such as food, beauty, personal care, and pet care.

    Read more about this achievement on People’s Daily: “潮货”出海再提速(经济聚焦).

    People Daily Interview In Kanzopack

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