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Minimum Order Quantity

Kanzopack's Flexible Packaging Bags & Rollstock minimum order quantity for in-stock, digital and gravure printing. Including stand up pouch, spout pouch, etc.

What is KanzoPack's minimum order quantity?

KanzoPack determines its minimum order quantities (MOQs) by considering the costs associated with cylinders and setup at our manufacturing facilities for the production of your custom packaging. These MOQs are strategically established to provide cost savings for our customers. It is advised not to go below the specified MOQs for optimal benefits.

For reference:

An offset gravure printed stand up pouch with a quantity of 10000 pieces will cost just as much for a lower quantity of 5000 pieces when manufacturing multiple times because you will be paying for setup fees multiple times. Please refer to our article "Why the MOQ of Flexible Packaging Bags so high?" on cost optimization for a more in-depth explanation.

Bag Type Custom Printing MOQ for Digital Printing Custom Printing MOQ for Gravure Printing
Spout pouch 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Stand up pouch 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Flat bottom pouch 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Side gusset pouch 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Packaging film (Rollstock) 100 meters 300 kgs
Sachet packaging 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Mylar bag 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Kraft paper pouch 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Drip coffee set 1000 sets 3000 sets
Bag in box 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
Vacuum sealer bag 1000 pcs 10000 pcs
3 side seal pouch 1000 pcs 30000 pcs
Squeeze pouch 1000 pcs 20000 pcs

For specific sizes and quantities, please reach out to us for a personalized quotation. We value your needs and look forward to discussing the details with you.

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