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Prepared Meal Packaging Bag

KanzoPack offers Prepared Meal packaging bags. We offer in-stock and customizable three side seal bags, stand up pouches, retort pouches, and spout pouches.
Retort Pouch - Prepared Meal Packaging Bag

Prepared Meal usually refers to pre-made, pre-seasoned, or semi-prepared meals that are convenient for consumers to quickly cook or eat directly. To ensure the freshness, taste, and safety of food, flexible packaging plays a crucial role in the field of prepared foods. Below are some common flexible packaging types suitable for prepared foods.

  1. Three side seal bags: This is the most common type of bag, sealed on three sides with one open side. Often used for small packages of dry goods and condiments.

  2. Stand up Pouches: These bags have a gusset at the bottom, allowing them to stand up. They are suitable for liquid, semi-liquid, and solid foods, such as juices, sauces, and frozen foods.

  3. Vacuum Bags: Used for vacuum-sealed foods, greatly extending the shelf life. Commonly used for meats and seafood.

  4. Retort Pouches: Packaging that can withstand a high-temperature cooking process, usually used for ready-to-eat meals and curries.

  5. Side Gusset Bags: Bags with pleats on both sides, offering a larger capacity. Suitable for coffee beans, tea leaves, snacks, etc.

  6. Spout Pouches: Equipped with a pouring spout, usually used for liquid foods such as drinks and sauces.

  7. Window Bags: These bags have a transparent section, allowing consumers to see the food inside.

Possible Industries

Industry Food Items
Ready-to-Eat Foods Frozen pizza, Frozen dumplings, Hotdogs, Hamburger patties, Roast chicken chunks, Quick-frozen vegetables, Fish fillets, Steamed buns, Instant soups, Vegetable spring rolls
Beverage Industry Fruit juices, Smoothies, Protein shakes, Mineral water, Sports drinks, Functional drinks, Black/Green tea, Coffee drinks, Plant-based milk, Sparkling water
Snacks and Dry Foods Potato chips, Popcorn, Dried fruits, Chocolate, Jelly, Cookies, Cornflakes, Caramel sunflower seeds, Almond slices, Compressed fruit bars
Dairy Industry Yogurt, Cheese slices, Butter, Curd, Yogurt drink, Cottage cheese, Cheese sticks, Fresh milk, Ice cream, Milkshake
Condiments and Sauces Chili sauce, Tomato sauce, Salad dressing, BBQ sauce, Honey mustard, Soy sauce, Garlic paste, Pickled sauce, Tartar sauce, Fish sauce
Coffee and Tea Ground coffee beans, Espresso, Instant coffee, Green tea bags, Black tea bags, Herbal tea, Pu-erh tea, Dark tea, White tea, Matcha
Nutritional Supplements and Protein Powders Protein powder, Creatine powder, BCAA powder, Fish oil capsules, Vitamin tablets, Mineral tablets, Antioxidant supplements, Spirulina tablets, Collagen powder, Plant protein powder
Pet Food Dry dog food, Dry cat food, Wet cat food, Wet dog food, Pet snack bars, Pet biscuits, Bird food, Rabbit food, Fish food, Pet vitamin supplements
Organic and Healthy Foods Organic dried fruits, Organic nuts, Organic tea, Organic coffee, Organic cereal bars, Organic cereals, Organic rice, Organic honey, Organic protein powder, Organic biscuits
Infant Foods and Supplements Baby rice cereal, Fruit puree, Vegetable puree, Meat puree, Fish puree, Cereal porridge, Toddler biscuits, Baby beverages, No salt baby snacks, Baby milk powder

Other Features and Options

Custom Pouch Accessories
Custom Pouch Accessories

Commen Structures

Please don’t worry about not knowing the laminated structure, we will choose the suitable laminated structure for your product.
Laminated Film Structure
Laminated Film Structure
Kanzopack Prepared Meal Packaging - Microwave steam Pouch
Kanzopack Prepared Meal Packaging - Microsteam Pouch

Customize and In-stock Prepared Meal Packaging Bag

KanzoPack is a manufacturer and supplier of Flexible Packaging Bag. We can supply you with the packaging bags for any Prepare Meal that you want, and we also offer customization choices based on your needs.

Additionally, we provide pre-stocked gusset bags and Customized Rollstock Films.

Please get in touch with us at for any details and questions.

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