What is a Side Gusset Bag and What Are Its Benefits?

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    As the times change, people's consumption concepts are also constantly changing. People's pursuit of the quality of life is also constantly improving. Take food as an example; the quality of food packaging bags directly affects consumers' purchase desire.

    Side Gusset Bags
    Side Gusset Bags

    What is a Side Gusset Bag?

    Side gusset bags have eight sealing edges, four at the bottom, and two on each side, so it's also called a flat bottom pouch. This type of pouch bag is a new type that has emerged in recent years. Many industries are currently using this type of bag, such as coffee beans, tea, and snacks. Side gusset bags are well-received by consumers because of their good three-dimensional feel.

    Benefits of Side Gusset Bags

    Side gusset bags are the most suitable flat-bottomed bag type for thin film materials. This packaging combines the advantages of thin film materials and the visual performance of flat-bottomed standing shelves. It has a larger capacity than traditional upright bags and is a new choice for upgrading traditional thin film upright bag types. It can be added with a zipper for easy reuse, avoiding the disadvantage that windbags cannot be added with a zipper. It can also be added with a one-way venting valve.

    The main benefits of side gusset bags can be summarized in the following five points:

    1. They encourage more purchases by drawing in customers with their contents visible through the materials. This drives up sales volumes.
    2. The extra layers of packaging materials help preserve the quality and freshness of products for longer on shelves by limiting exposure to outside elements.
    3. The expanded shape allows for smoother transport and handling during distribution without risk of damage from squeezing or crunching together.
    4. Consumers have more options to choose from as packaging opens up new product formats and combinations not possible with rigid containers.
    5. Catching the eye of shoppers with customized graphics and messaging increases brand awareness and loyalty over time as preferences form around familiar names.
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    Common Price of Side Gusset Bags

    The price of side gusset bags depends on many key factors, such as the number of colors printed, the size, and whether other accessories such as tin-tie and valve are added. These will all affect the final price.

    For the custom coffee packaging we are most familiar with, the average price range is between $0.2 and $0.4. The final price will also add shipping costs (depending on your country and region). In this case, it will be the best and most time-saving way to consult us for a free quote for reference.

    Accessories for the Side Gusset Pouch

    One-way Degassing Valve:

    This is an essential packaging accessory that allows the escape of excess gas produced by roasted coffee beans from the bag, while effectively preventing the entry of oxygen and moisture. By doing so, it helps to preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee for an extended period.

    Tin Ties:

    These metal strips are easily attachable to the top of the bag and enable customers to reseal it after opening, thereby ensuring the product remains fresh and secure. They come highly recommended for all food products, particularly those intended for multiple servings.


    This practical and convenient accessory is designed for liquid and powder products. It consists of a plastic nozzle that can be placed at the corner or center of the side gusset bag, providing added convenience for product dispensing.


    A beautiful and exquisite packaging pouch bag can instantly improve the grade and value of the product itself, and make consumers have a deeper impression and recognition of the product.

    A good packaging bag can not only protect your product but also show the product’s features and brand image, attracting more attention and purchase desire.

    A high-quality packaging bag is one of the important factors for the success of the product and also one of the effective ways to communicate with consumers.

    Side gusset bags are a popular choice for a variety of food products. They offer a number of benefits, including improved appearance, increased protection, and easier handling. If you are looking for a high-quality food packaging solution, side gusset bags are a great option. Please feel free to contact KanzoPack. we provide a free quote and free sample for you with full experience in the flexible packaging area.

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