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Squeeze Pouch

KanzoPack takes pleasure in consistently providing high-quality packaging solutions on which all of our clients may trust.
We provide a range of squeeze pouches, each with unique characteristics meant to be utilized in a number of applications.
Squeeze Pouch

Your Professional Squeeze Packaging Manufacturer

Squeeze pouches are versatile and widely used across sectors. KanzoPack Packaging offers clean, flexible, and memorable tube packaging with excellent barrier qualities and ease of use. Their squeeze bags are no-spill and ideal for on-the-go, and they are industry leaders in inverted packaging for ready dispensing.

Why Squeeze Pouches From KanzoPack

Customization Options

At KanzoPack, we offer a wide range of standard squeeze bags as well as custom-designed options to meet our customers’ unique needs. Our flexible financial options allow for the development of tailored squeeze pouch concepts. We also provide a one-stop-shop solution, with a single point of contact for all of your package design requirements.

Squeeze Packaging Solution for Various Industry

For companies producing liquid food items like sauces and honey, squeeze packaging is vital. Various types of squeeze tubes are available, including plastic, laminate, extruded, inject-molded, and metal tubes, providing more options to choose from and find the most suitable option for your product line.

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