Why Are Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for Flexible Packaging Bags So High?

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    Flexible packaging bags are a common product in our daily lifes, used by various brands to package finished pouches with different materials. They not only protect goods and enhance the brand image and competitive edge of products but also support brands and supplier materials. However, many small businesses encounter a problem when customizing flexible packaging bags: the minimum order quantities (MOQs) are too high for finished pouches. Why are MOQs for these bags so steep, and is there a way to reduce them? Today, as a professional flexible packaging manufacturer and supplier, KanzoPack would like to share some insights and experiences regarding MOQs for flexible packaging bags in the hopes of helping businesses address this issue.
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    Costly Printing Plate Fees for Flexible Packaging Bags

    Flexible packaging bag printing involves gravure printing, where a copper plate is required for each color. The printing plate fees are relatively expensive and depend on the complexity of the bag’s design, packaging bags moq, pcs, and supplier. 

    Costs per printed color range from 70 to 110 $. For example, if a flexible packaging bag requires six colors, the cost of printing plates alone would be between 400 to 660$ for businesses per pcs. Such costs can be burdensome for startups or small-scale businesses.

    Printing Plate Roll
    Print Plate Roll

    MOQ Depends on the Length of the Film Roll

    MOQ Depends on the Length of the Film Roll.The MOQ for flexible packaging bags is typically calculated based on the film roll length, which is around 6000 meters on the market.
    For instance, a bag designed for hanging ear coffee with a material specification of MOPP/VMPET/PE and a size of 10×12.5 cm would have an MOQ of approximately 60,000 bags, based on a 6000-meter roll of VMPET material. Factoring in waste, an MOQ of 100,000 bags, which translates to roughly 300 kg, is not unreasonable. For automated packaging rollstock, the general MOQ is between 300-500 kg, which may be unattainable for clients whose demands are not high or who have longer sales cycles for their products.

    Rollstock for drip coffee bag - sachet packaging
    Rollstock for drip coffee bag - sachet packaging

    Cost Increase Due to Waste

    Manufacturers of flexible packaging bags would operate at a loss if the MOQ is not met, as small orders require a series of processes including plate changing, roller swapping, ink changing, color matching, and proofing, taking approximately over three hours.
    If a film roll is not used up, the wastage can be substantial—potentially over 50%—which is unfeasible for any packaging factory. With a two-year shelf life for the film, any design changes by the client would result in the remaining film being wasted. In such cases, opting for gravure printing for the packaging bag may not be cost-effective. KanzoPack experts suggest switching to ultra-low MOQ digital printing customization, which can save more packaging costs in small batches from an environmental and MOQ perspective.

    Rollstock Slitting and Rewinding Process
    Rollstock Slitting and Rewinding Process

    How Can MOQ for Flexible Packaging Be Reduced?

    1. Confronted with high MOQs for flexible packaging bags, many customers might feel helpless and puzzled. So, is there a way to reduce MOQs? The answer is, of course, yes.

      For businesses just getting started, KanzoPack is eager to grow with you, offering flexible packaging bags. We have been able to provide a range of services, from selling stock bags with custom labels to providing a variety of bags with low MOQ digital printing and, ultimately, large volume gravure printing. We have established long-term partnerships with many merchants and aim to offer support from the start through future growth, including packaging bag solutions.

      We offer the following solutions:

      1. Buy stock flexible packaging bags and add custom labels. If you have a small requirement, you can choose our stock bags, which can be cost-effective and reflect your branding when labeled with your custom design.

      Digital Print

    2. Various bags with digital printing. If you need a slightly higher quantity, you can opt for our digital printing services for your packaging bag. We can offer types of bags such as flat bottom pouches, stand up pouches, spout pouches, and 3 side sealing bags with MOQs of about 1000, featuring clear print quality and bright colors suitable for personalized designs. Digital Print
    3. Various bags with large volume gravure printing. For those with substantial needs, our gravure printing services are ideal. We can provide a variety of bag types such as Mylar bags, rollstock film, etc., with an MOQ generally starting from about 20,000 bags for flexible packaging and around 300 kg for rollstock. The gravure printing offers high-quality, durable, and water-resistant printing suitable for uniform designs. The greater the quantity, the more you can save with gravure printing.

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