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KanzPack is a leading flexible packaging company that has provided various industries with top-notch packaging solutions for over 15 years.
stand up pouch
stand up pouch

Your Professional Stand Up Pouch Manufacturer

KanzoPack’s custom stand up pouches will create a lasting impression in any competitive marketplace with their exceptional functionality and striking design, designed to capture customer attention. We understand the significance of customer engagement; that is why our stand up pouches go beyond simple containment; instead they showcase the essence of your brand’s superior quality and dedication to distinction.

KanzoPack stand up pouches are carefully constructed from robust materials for maximum durability and user convenience. Built to withstand time and consumer handling, our pouches feature a bottom gusset that ensures your product–be it indulgent snacks,  frozen food, or pet treats–commands attention on any shelf. Furthermore, their resealable feature speaks volumes of design sophistication; giving consumers peace of mind by prolonging freshness with each seal of freshness.

Why get Stand Up Pouch From KanzoPack

Get Your Custom Stand Up Pouch

KanzoPack pouches don’t just entice with durability or user-centric features. We serve as a blank slate for you to showcase your brand narrative with custom artwork that captures customers. We providing such as zippers for reclose, tear notches for convenience, valves to maintain freshness, and product display windows to make each product an artwork that directly speaks to its target customers —perfect for storage and presentation!

  • Zippers (normal zipper, pocket zipper, slider zipper, alix zipper)
  • Bag Shape
  • Tear Notch
  • Laser Score Line
  • One Way Degassing Valve
  • Clear Window
  • Logo & Printing & Foil Stamped
  • Holes (Hang Hole, Euro Hole)
  • Handles
kanzopack euro hole for stand up pouch

Custom Stand Up Pouch Gallery

Support-OEM-and-ODM for Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch Packaging Solution

Kanzo Pack stand up pouches are versatile and can be used in various industries, such as food, chemical, and paint packaging.

By choosing Kanzo Pack, you can be sure that your products are not only well sealed, but also eye-catching! Contact us to order in bulk today!

Printed Stand Up Pouches For Better Branding

At KanzoPack, the majority of our product line consists of multi-color printed pouches and stand up pouches. Throughout the years, we have delivered cost-effective and personalized flexible packaging solutions that align with the specific sizes and designs required by our clients, while also keeping up with the latest technical advancements in the industry.

Utilizing our printing solutions to brand your products is highly likely to have a significant impact on potential customers who have not yet made a decision. In addition to manufacturing products for direct sale to our clients, we also offer a variety of printing and laminating processes including digital printing and gravure printing.

stand up pouch set
custom stand up pouch set

How To Calculate The Volume Of A Stand Up Pouch

To calculate the volume of a stand up pouch, it is important to understand its capacity of holding products or substances. The formula to calculate stand up pouch volumes is:

Volume = Height x Width x Gusset

To measure the dimensions of a pouch, you can use either a ruler or measuring tape. Take measurements from bottom to top, along each side and from gusset to the highest point when expanded – these will all serve as indicators.

Once you have taken measurements for the pouch, use the formula above to calculate its volume. Be sure to use consistent units of measurement across dimensions, such as centimeters or inches, for accurate results.

Note that when using this formula to calculate volume, it only measures maximum capacity of the pouch and does not take into account space that will be taken up by product or substance inside it. Actual product volume could differ significantly from this estimated volume depending on factors like shape and density of contents.

Contact Us, and we will help you solve all the problems regarding custom stand up pouches.

Common Sizes and Volumes of Stand Up Pouch

Size Height x Width x Gusset (inches) Height x Width x Gusset (cm) Approximate Volume Capacity
Small 6-9 x 4-6 x 2-3.5 inches 15-23 x 10-15 x 5-9 cm 1 oz - 1 lb (28 g - 450 g)
Medium 9-11 x 7-9 x 3-4 inches 23-28 x 18-23 x 7.5-10 cm 8 oz - 2-3 lbs (227 g - 1.36 kg)
Large 11-13 x 9-12 x 4-5 inches 28-33 x 23-30.5 x 10-12.7 cm 5-10 lbs (2.27 kg - 4.54 kg)
Extra-Large 13+ x 12+ x 5+ inches 33+ x 30.5+ x 12.7+ cm 10-15 lbs+ (4.54 kg - 6.8 kg+)

Kanzo Pack Also Offers Wholesale Stand Up Bags

Kanzo Pack stand-up pouches keep your products safe and protected from chemicals, oxygen and moisture. At the same time, our bags have fast heat sealing and pressure resistance, preventing bag leakage and product deterioration even if dropped from a height. These attributes will serve your product and bring more business value to your product. Stand-up bags are ideal food containers. Our mature printing technology can better express the bright colors of products, which greatly attracts the attention of customers.


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